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Check here to keep up to date with AO! The website will allow you to view our calendar, sign up for events and provide you with all the information you need.

AO Membership Application

AO Applicants, Click here to get a copy of the application.

New Members

We look forward to welcoming you to the AO community! By joining AO you have made a great choice that will support you throughout your schooling here as well as your dental career. Dues are $133.00 for new members, please pay using PayPal with the link below.

Dental T-shirt Purchase

Shortsleeve T-shirt price is $11 for AO members and $15 for non-members.
Long Sleeve T-shirt price is $17 for AO members and $21 for non members.
Tank top price is $20 for AO members and $26 for non members.
**All prices in-cart have a small service charge added
Dental T-shirts

Membership Renewal

For membership renewal the charge is $50.00. Please make payment using the following PayPal link. We'll be offering a Welcome Back Special for those members who weren't able to pay their dues last year. There is not a discount, but you are special! And welcome back!
AO Membership Renewal

Fiber Erasers

Have you spent your life wondering where you could get your hands on one of these incredible fiber erasers? Well, your long search is over! AO has fiber erasers available to suit your erasing needs. All for the low low price of $8.00 (AO members pay only $5.00). Please use the PayPal link below or bring cash to Ryan Anderson.
Selet Your Status

2015 Initiation Breakfast

If you have not yet paid for the 2015 Initiation Breakfast, please use the PayPal link below or bring a check to Christina Pham.

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